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 At General Specialty Sealants we offer a Variety of Services for Both Residential and Commercial: Concrete Sealing, cleaning, Restoration and Water Proofing. Concrete Driveway Restoration or Concrete Driveway Overlay. Chimney Restoration, and Caulking. We apply Water Sealants which stop Water and Weather Damage. Cut expansion joints and seal your concrete with a Top of the line Industrial Grade Epoxy Caulk. Rebuild your crumbled Concrete Walkways and steps or Chimney and bring it back to look like new. Please see photos! Contact us to take care of your Concrete or water Sealant problems before further Damage happens! We will be more than happy to view the problem and help you come up with the Best Solution Possible! Call for your FREE Quote!

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COMMERCIAL and Residential Caulking, Chimney, Concrete Sealing, Cleaning & Water Proofing

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